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Midnight Playlist | PLAY ME

Hey! It’s been a bit (yet again, I’m so sorry!) Since I last wrote, I’ve returned to my uni for one last semester before I graduate in May, and then leave for postgraduate studies in September! A LOT has happened behind the scenes and emotions have been high. It is daunting to process how quickly… Continue reading Midnight Playlist | PLAY ME

Daily Babble

Catching Up – Life in Sydney

Hello, how are we doing today?  I’ve been putting a fair amount of beauty content and so I thought I’d switch it up and share some life updates! So, last summer, I moved to Sydney, Australia. I lived there, with my best friend, for six months. I travelled, explored a completely new culture, read a… Continue reading Catching Up – Life in Sydney

Daily Babble

(Some) Of My Favourite Red Carpet Looks 2018

Hello! ♡ Today, I felt like sharing some of my favourite red carpet looks from this year! These are looks that stuck with me as some of those that I personally loved seeing on the red carpet. Now, of course this is a very, very limited and condensed list. I will be doing other posts around… Continue reading (Some) Of My Favourite Red Carpet Looks 2018


Palette Review – Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

Hello, beautiful people! How’re you doing? ♡ Today, I’m going to review Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette. You can probably guess the extent to which I’ve dug into this palette from the very used state of my palette, haha. I sure do love this palette.  Now, the shade range is fairly balanced, I’d say… Continue reading Palette Review – Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

Skin Sagas

My Skincare Staples

Hello, lovely people! (I’m on a bit of a roll, aren’t I? Three posts in two days; is this the new and improved blogger me? Stay tuned to find out, haha) I am not blessed with flawless, acne-free, pore-less, porcelain skin. In fact, my skin is super sensitive, acne-prone, and scarred from acne I had… Continue reading My Skincare Staples


My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello, beautiful people! Today, I’m sharing products that I use to do my everyday makeup look. Some of these are my absolute staples (cue the Tea Tree BB cream from The Body Shop which I also talk about here), while others are new discoveries that I’ve come to love!  Here’s all the products I use… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Daily Babble

A Confetti Comeback!

Phew, who knew my hiatus was going to become a rather disappointing absence altogether! It’s been more than a year! Hello, lovely people of the internet! How are you? ♡ The last couple of years have been quite the ride, I must say. They’ve been choke full of personal growth, travel, new experiences, and yes, a… Continue reading A Confetti Comeback!