Heart Collage ♡ – Room Decor DIY

Hello, everybody!
So, this is my first DIY post and it’s probably the most sentimental thing that I have on display in my room and I thought that it would be great to share it with you. I got this idea when I wanted to change my room decor a little and was thinking of doing a photo timeline on the wall. So, this is basically what it looks like now –


Yes, it’s a heart and I absolutely love it! After finishing my heart I actually found out that one of my favourite YouTubers, Bethany Mota, had done the same thing in her room. Mine though is slightly not perfect in terms of picture placement even though that’s what I love about it. To get a similar kind of collage on your wall, you have to follow just three steps –

Step 1
Collect all the pictures you would like to have on display and print them out on glossy paper or matte paper accepting to preference.

Step 2
After printing out the pictures, stick the few that would form the outline of your heart. Be careful, you would have to form a rough placement on the floor with all the pictures first in order to get it right. After doing so, just stick it on or tape it according to preference.

Step 3 (optional)
I have outlined the heart with small LED lights but you can use Christmas lights as an alternative too.


That’s what your heart would look like. You can always put in elements of your own to make it seem even more customised and personal.

So, that’s it for my first DIY, hope this was helpful. I’ll be doing many more once I’m done with my boards and they’ll be up in June.

Till then, have a lovely summer, peeps! x


16 thoughts on “Heart Collage ♡ – Room Decor DIY

  1. where can I get leds from? is there like some particular place because yellow wouldn’t go with my room..also is there a particular glue you used? no staining etc..!


    1. I just used normal tape :) and well, my dad got these for me from Hong Kong. So I don’t really know where you could get them from. These are called Colour Swap LEDs, if that helps x


  2. I just stumbled on this blog and must say, really organised unlike some other ones you get to see here hahaha…open up on blogger also?


    1. Haha, thank youu! x I will think off gifting to blogger once I get the hang of blogging haha. Right now, I’m a bit of a toddler when it comes to this.


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