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Adieu, IGCSE!

Welcome to junior year!

As I recently finished with my IGCSE finals, I look ahead towards a new phase with more things to learn, try out and discover. Although the new phase is the dreaded IB, I couldn’t resist expressing my excitement to all the challenges that it will throw my way. But, more than that, I couldn’t stop myself from not making a few rules for these last two years that might very well make or break my future. So, in order to make the most of the next two years that would be my last as a school student, I promised a few things to myself which I will strive to make sure I fulfill and I wanted to share them with you! Hope these motivate you and give you ideas to make your own in whatever field you are because at the end of day, we all know, it’s never too late to change and improve for the better!


1) I will manage my time better than I did in the last two years because I know how much time I gave away to activities that could be left for later. It is absolutely essential to prioritize.

2) I will make sure that I step out of my comfort zone and try to say yes to as many new things I encounter during the next two years and in fact, even longer.

3) Learn to separate mood from responsibility – We often let our moods get the best of us and I noticed myself not studying or doing things I was supposed to do because of my mood. Also, our moods have a tendency to affect our work and focus and I will try to not let that happen. I will learn to be consistent in my efforts no matter what my mood is. It’s important not to let our moods rule our actions at times.

4) I will continue with my hobby classes and join more because it gives me satisfaction to be able to hon different skills and it also gives me a break from the academic stress that I would have otherwise.

5) I will do more of the things I love – This is something I have already started doing by taking subjects that I love and enjoy studying.

6) Write more, read more – Writing and reading is therapeutic to me and I think it’s extremely essential for me to continue it and not let it get lost in the whole lot of extra activities that I would have.

7) Try not to focus on the result more than the journey – Only because the journey teaches us and contributes in our growth more than the result.

8) Sleep! – IB has a reputation of snatching that away but I strongly intend on keeping it.

9) Be organised – A organised study leads to and a clutter free state of mind and increased focus.

10) Enjoy the ride – IB happens once (unless you intend on failing and doing it twice!) and I want to make the most of all the stress, pressure and workload that I will have. It’s definitely easier said than done but it’s also in my awareness that if I enjoy something, I give it more time, focus and well, dedication.

So these are my ten rules and I’m sure I’ll make more on the way because there is so much I still have left to learn. I hope these gave you some inspiration or help if you were in need of motivation or if you, like me are starting a new phase with junior year.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve come up with any rules that are different from mine because I would love to add more to the list!

Bye, guys! :D


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