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Colour me pretty! | Hair Chalk Review



Hello, people!
So, recently the fun big bit me and I’ve since been taking a lot of risks with everything from my clothing to well, my hair. For the first time ever, I got my hair coloured and I couldn’t be happier with the way they’ve turned out.

I got ash coloured highlights on thin strands rooting from my crown which make my hair look much lighter and I also have two portions of hair on both sides from the back of my head near my nape chalked.

The colour I’ve used is Ash which is the T12 Rich Colour which lasts for 1-3 months depending on the frequency of washes. The pink colour on the other hand is the L’Oreal Paris Hair Chalk in Sweet Sixteen Pink which is again temporary and lasts for weeks depending on how damaged the hair is.

Though they look amazing and I can do a ton of hairstyles now, there are a few things you might want to consider before going ahead with the process!

1. The ash colour contains small amounts of ash which can damage your hair an make them look burnt and feel extremely dry. Unless your hair are not already damaged, straightened permanently or coloured, the damage would be slightly less but if they are them you might want to think again.

2. The chalk makes the hair dry and tangled. Also, if your hair are damaged, the colour would stay longer and would be harder to get rid off.

3. You’d have to buy a range of products specially made to take care and treat coloured hair such as a shampoo, mask, serum and massage oil. These are pretty expensive some they are specially formulated and make the task of washing hair lengthy and tiring.

All else, is good. The colour looks great and compliments me well. If you’re tired of your hair colour and need a change this is definitely a great idea as it adds a fun factor to your hair and well, you have a handy accessory to jazz up the plainest of clothes!

Hope this have you some ideas, helped you out!

Until next time, that’s all, folks! (Whatsup warner bros reference?!)


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