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Corporate Cat!

Hello, peeps!

So this week, I start with my first ever experience at a workplace. I’m interning for the Indo-German Chambers of Commerce which is an honour to have an opportunity to work at given that I am only at the beginning of my junior year at school.

My week started with yesterday where I worked out the basics such as call transferring, making request calls, editing and filling data into Excel sheets for event guest lists. The only breaks from this work resulted in being the ones I took to have my green tea and the ones where I checked my Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, basically the works.

For the coming days, I would be going to work to observe how it works and experience and absorb the ambience and culture at the office.

Till now, I have learnt some essential work ethics, trade rules and courtesy codes. The nervousness of making my first request call has now subdued to excitement and increased confidence.

Working has been a great experience. Contrary to the ways in which jobs are portrayed in movies and this imprinted in my mind, this experience has changed a lot of aspects that I believed earlier. Working at this organisation has taught me organisation skills, work ethics and responsibility which I couldn’t have learnt at school in this fashion. Furthermore, I have also made friends with my colleagues who have given me tips and pointers at every step of the way. Overall, it has been an enriching experience and I feel a certain sense of growth in myself which I am determined to build on in the future with more such opportunities.

Have you guys done any internships and felt the same way? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to learn more from you x


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