Instagram Favorites | August


For all of you Instagram addicts, this is a new series featuring five of my favorite Instagram accounts every month!

Ps – I am not a photographer nor a professional and so my choices are solely based upon personal interest in someone’s work. This is in no way professional analysis or review, its just my love for these artist’s pictures and my desire to share them with all of you here. :)


1.Griffin Lamb @griffinlamb

I first discovered Griffin Lamb’s photos on his VSCO grid after which I was glued. He has an instagram account featuring breathtaking landscapes that look no less than heaven. In fact, more.

Griffin Lamb’s website –


2. Simone Bramante @brahmino

I’ve been glued to @brahmino for a year now and it is inspiring. One of my favorites is the picture above which I absolutely love because being a person with no such knowledge of the nuances of photography, this still managed to encapsulate and evoke so much in me. An absolute inspiration.

Simone Bramante’s website –


3. Alex Strohl @alexstrohl





The most beautiful and stunning sights, colors and places, all in a profile. Enough said. Long time favorite.

Alex Strohl’s website –


4. Jaaper Kelens @jaaperkelens






Exciting, inspiring pictures from this Swedish photographer. His urban shots are amazing!


5. Jacqall @jacqall





What I absolutely love about this artist on Instagram is the way she captures city’s common views in a way that make them seem so unique and special. For a different perspective that would make you appreciate city architecture more, check @jacqall out. You’ll be glued.

So, that’s it for this month’s favorites! Let me know who your favorites are? ( I might put them up here next month!)



Have something to share? Please leave some feedback in the comments below!

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