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Real talk, there’s something I need to share..

Hello, peeps!


Okay, so this is an urgent post that I had to make. There is so much that we all have to share, stories, pictures, memories and thoughts, but seldom do we garner the courage to put it out there for the world to read and know. This blog is a collection of various thoughts, memories and well, ideas and that is probably why it has no specific theme to it. It’s about various things, the various that make me who I am. This blog is about me being a teenager and a typical one too.

The response I have received till now has made me squeal with joy, feel proud and well, feel useful and these feelings are something that I never want to let go of. I have so much to share and I want you to join in. :)

For all of you out there who will join me by subscribing and sparing time to read what this 16 year old has to say, I thank you. For all of those who will subscribe after reading this, I hope you stay for long and enjoy what I have to share.

I have opened up an Instagram account (@theconfettigirlblog) which I hope will help me reach out to more people, so if you like my blog please do share it and follow the account on Instagram. I believe in encouragement and in sharing and so I would love to have guest writers on this blog sharing their stories. You can email them to me at theconfettigirlblog@gmail.com. I would also love to read more blogs and share them and so if any blogger out there needs encouragement, you can contact me anytime :)

Let’s make a network, a community. Let’s encourage one another and share with everyone what we have to share because every story deserves to be known, read and appreciated and so does every writer. :)

Hope you guys will understand and contribute to the blog, I would love to share your stories and ideas. For contact details, you can check out the About Me page!


Love you all

Until next time! x



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