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3 Free Apps You’ve Got To Try!


So, last night, I was looking through the app store for newer apps to add some excitement to my otherwise, dull, game(less) phone. These three apps are my recommendations to all of you who love creating content and need easier methods to do so. You will love these apps, they are all great and well, free. (Everyone loves freebies!)


1. Mix (on Android, coming soon to iOS)

Source – Pinterest     

  We all have those few standard weapons that we use to increase our Insta-game. Amaro queen with a touch of sharpness and a whole lot of brightness and lux is our daily routine. (pshh) But, don’t you wish you could save those custom filter settings and not have to work those fingers into achieving that perfect effect? I found the perfect solution. Mix is magic, it lets you save and create your own filters which you can apply to your pictures with just a single button, that’s it! All it uses are professional adjustment tools, DSLR type depth and quality and photo editing tools disguised as easy photo enhancers. A must download for all photo enthusiasts!


 2. Hyperlapse (only on iOS)

Source - Pinterest
Source – Pinterest

 Instagram’s new video app will transform those 15 seconds into time lapsed masterpieces and trust me, you’ll love it! This app will soon have some of the best videos you might have ever seen. With it’s simple interface and quality matching that of a crew required for filming, it’s something that takes easy video shooting a step higher. For now, this app is only available on iOS but, stay tuned for updates and I’ll let you know when it debuts on Android!



3. VolunteerMatch (free on Android and iOS)

Source - Google Images
Source – Google Images

 For all IB students out there, this is the Bible for CAS. Given that for the IB we have to do social service, it can sometimes be hard to look for opportunities and also seldom, tedious. This app is a filter which gives you options to volunteer in the locations near you. you are given a levy of options to chose from thus making, CAS, life and at large, IB, simpler.


Are there any apps that you discovered that could make my virtual lifestyle simpler, let me know? ❤

Until next time,

Love you all x


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