Instagram Favorites | September

Hellooo. I’m back this month with another round of Instagram stars that I discovered and loved, here goes –

(all images taken from Instagram)

1. Dan Lum @dudelum danlum1 danlum2 danlum3


Okay, let’s be real, these photographs couldn’t be any better. Just like food makes me hungry, his photographs make me crave and feel extreme amounts of wanderlust. His shots are unreal and each tells a story.


2. Jethro Mullens @jethromullens

jethromullen1 jethromullen2

Hong Kong couldn’t be captured any better. His shots will make you appreciate the many wonders in the urban corners of Hong Kong.


3. Andrea Dabane @andreadabane

andreadabane1 andreadabane2 andreadabane3

She’s french, she captures, her pictures will make you feel a strange kind of happy. She caught my eye and I was glued to her pictures, they all capture the beauty of LA.


4. Sam Shone @sammshone

samshone1 samshone2 samshone3

Sam’s photographs are dreamy and urban. He captures the many corners of London as he plays with light and angles to give them a whole new look. His photographs make London look even more prettier than it already is. I followed his Instagram when I was introduced to his account by the pretty lady above, Madeleine, author of the blog,, which I absolutely love, so please show some love and subscribe!


5. Shamini Singhal @shamini7

shamini1 shamini2 shamini3 shamini4

She is my best friend, sixteen, an amazing photographer and you won’t regret checking her Instagram out for sure. She clicks whatever catches her eye and most of the times those shots are beautiful. You’ll get to experience a piece of India in her photographs as she travels and puts those sights through camera in the most amazing ways! Check her out, people!


That’s all for September, hope you guys love the accounts that I’ve mentioned, just like I do. There are so many photographers out there who’s art deserves so much more attention than they get, this is my effort to bring them to light.

Again, if you know of any Instagram stars I should check out, let me know?

Until next time,

Keep glued x


6 thoughts on “Instagram Favorites | September

  1. My daughter posts tons of pictures on Instagram and they all appear washed out. I thought it was the program, but these are gorgeous. Now I’m glad I didn’t mention it to her!

    I hope she isn’t reading this…


    1. Hahahaha. I have a feeling it’s because of her camera or the settings of the same! But I’m sure she’ll get it right sooner or later. x


      1. Thanks so much! I hope you visit often and comment whenever you feel like it. :) And yes, I loved visiting the Canadian Rockies. That turquoise color of the lakes in the pic is just what it looks like. Amazing!


      2. Yes, definitely I will. I’m glad you dropped by my blog and I hope you liked it. Thanks for the lovely comments too! And really? That’s just heavenly!

        Liked by 1 person

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