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Blogger Milestone | Hundred of you?!


There are now a hundred of you, a hundred!

This is so unbelievable because till six months back I was writing to readership of two subscribers in total.

Thank you so much everybody who has helped me reach till here in a sphere where I was completely new and unfamiliar, I have come across some wonderful people, met some great people and have been offered some amazing opportunities which I will soon be telling you about!

This blogger mile wouldn’t have been possible without you awesome people who take out time to read what I write, you guys are the best!

Also, a special thanks to Lorraine who has helped me ever so kindly and given me advice and time both for which I am extremely grateful. Please check her site out here if you haven’t – www.wordingwell.com. She’s spectacular.

Why this is such a huge deal for me is because when I first started blogging I never thought anybody would be interested in reading what I had to write and now I have a 100 of you supporting me and I can’t ask for anything more than this x

So thank you again for giving so much love to confetti and to celebrate this I am doing my very first giveaway. The details of this will be posted on here later.

But thanks a lot for the continuous love and support!

Until next time now,

Keep glued x


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