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My Bucket List!

So, today, I thought of sharing with you, my bucket list, because I’m missing a certain one who’ I’d like to do all of these with, or at least a few. It’s obviously incomplete since there are many more things that I’d add throughout the course of my life but for now, these are the ten things I would love to do before I die!

Note – All images have been taken from Google Images. 

1. Skydive over The Palm Jumeirah 


2. Deep Sea Diving in The Great Barrier Reef 

great barrier reef

3. Open a bakery in Greece


4. Road trip across USA


5. Watch a movie at a Drive-In Theater

05 Drive-in theater, Chicago, 1951

6. Live at a vineyard in West Australia or France


7. Visit the most haunted place in the world

(didn’t stick a picture because I got scared just searching it. Give me a break, it’s 12:13 AM here and I have to sleep alone after this, ain’t nobody scaring themselves here)

8. Walk through Japan’s Tunnel of Lights 


9. Go for the La Tomatina in Spain 


10. Visit the Northern Lights 


That’s all for today, hope you guys like it as much as I do and this is an ever expanding list so I’ll keep you peeps updated if I add anything to this list!

Until next time!



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