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Autumn ♡

Source – Tumblr
Source – Tumblr

It’s finally October and that could mean only one thing,


I have never looked forward to fall as I am looking forward to it this time around and here are just a few of the things I love about this season and look forward to!

Hot chocolate


Snug and over sized jumpers 

Chocolate orange 

Horror films on the tv

Evenings get longer 


Comfort food 

Diwali (Indian festival of lights) & fireworks 

The feeling that Christmas is close and approaching 

Founder’s (our school musical) 

More pamper evenings 

Salted caramel 

Crackling autumn leaves 

Getting to watch Hocus Pocus 

Apple cider 

Flannel shirts 


 What are you guys excited about this time of the year? 



2 thoughts on “Autumn ♡

  1. sounds soft and cozy
    thank you so very much for following and opening the door to your world. Eddie
    p.s. in answer to your question; wonderful to meet new and very interesting people.
    like someone like yourself for instance


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