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Guest Post – Things To Consider When Dressing Up For A Date

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I am so sorry for my sparse posting this month, there is still so much that I can’t wait to post up here and I will very soon. Today, I have a guest post by Sara Juzar who is a content writer for Sophie & Trey, an online clothing store for women which offers a large variety of dresses, shoes and other accessories for women. Please do make sure to visit the website to keep updated with their latest deals and offers! 

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Things To Consider While Dressing Up for A Date

Going on a date is always so exciting! Making plans and thinking about what is going to happen next. Once we go on a date, it takes up a special place in our heart.

So, are you ready for the first date of your life? Or for the second date with the same handsome guy from your school who you went with to the movies? I know, the toughest part is to select the clothes. If it is the first time you are going to meet him, then you must really not be sure whether he is going to like how you have dressed up and if you have been a total style diva on your first date then you have kept the standards really high and you have to keep up with that.

Whether it is your first date, second or the fiftieth one; these simple tips can help you look great out there and make him want to meet you again.

Starting off!

Struggling with heels, tumbling here and there can be easily noticed. Wearing a mini dress and being constantly conscious about whether he likes this look of yours or are you being too much and it is getting hard for him to tolerate you is another battle of its own. Answer your own questions and you will know what you need to wear and what you don’t. Be comfortable.

Keep him interested

If you are fond of being fully covered and love denims then stick to them. The guy has usually seen you somewhere already and expects you to look somewhat the same as you looked there.




Pair up your favorite jeans with the fashion pieces which make his eyes glued to you. An over-sized reddish-maroon sweater and knee length boots might be all that you need to couple with your denims to have a great time out with him. And if you think that an over-sized sweater never turns out for you as it should have, go for some tuck-ins. A cute top tucked-in, pant belted, a cardigan and those smart laced-up shoes might be what you have been looking for. This look is completely trendy. But if you find yourself somewhere in between, then go for that all-time-favorite combination (black and white); a white crisp shirt, those perfectly fitted black pants and statement accessories will definitely make you look like his lady!

Let him go crazy for you!



If dresses have been your favorite and you always wanted to wear a dress to your date, but in such a way that none of you would feel uncomfortable and yet, you also want to look really beautiful. And if you have what it takes to be a dressy-girl then hit on it! The best dress for you is in fact the shorter one, but what matters here is how you are going to style it. Bring on your favorite dress and couple it up with leggings to make your legs look stylish and firm. Leggings have that formal and chic essence to them. If your favorite dress happens to be a black one, then sheer leggings will do the trick for you, while those neutral colored printed dresses might call in for black leggings. In this way, you will be able to wear a short dress and he will not even going to think that you are somewhat desperate.

Hey, Shortie!




Well, some of us think that going for something short after going for longer ones everyday at school, will bring a good change to their appearance. So, this one is for them. If you believe in shorts and all that you own are fitted ones, then you can combine the look with a Kimono to save yourself from giving out some wrong messages from your dressing and attracting his attention to places which you did not intend to. And if you think that he does like some short clothes, then make sure that you keep switching between shorter options. Like sometimes you can go for those dress shirts and give them a classic element by combining them with the right kind of accessories. And yes, skirts should also serve to beautify you; too short or too long skirts are both extremes, thus keep the length somewhere close and above your knee. And don’t forget to keep your necklines high with short bottoms, this is an elegant style which you should always stick with.

Whatever length you are wearing and whatever you plan to wear for your date, do remember these tips as they can help in preventing your clothing from ruining the entire feel of your date and giving you that confidence you need to feel comfortable and in your jazziest zone!


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