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Blogger Milestone & Irrevocable (A Poem)


Firstly, I need to take a moment to thank you all and tell all of you of how much I appreciate the kind responses I’ve gotten from every one of you. The blogging community is extremely supporting and encouraging which makes me even more grateful for all the lovely comments and subscriptions I have gotten since I began my blogging journey. It’s been a month since I reached a 100 readers and to reach 200 inspires me to keep writing and follow my passion for the written word whether in the field of beauty, poetry or just daily babble.

♡ to all of you. 




The pen is mightier than the sword,

Hitting harder than a metal blade,

Cutting deep into mindsets and beliefs,

Directing the winds of change.

Some words stronger than the others,

Yet all seeping deep into the soul,

Making one angry, happy or tearful,

Steering emotions, like puppets in a show.

The universe is my stage,

Words my actions and bones,

They make me what I am today,

Body, mind and soul.


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