Daily Babble


Relationships are complex phenomena. Beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps because you’re expected to seep into someone’s thoughts and respect their beliefs and passions whilst you struggle to know and acknowledge your own. You yourself, for one, are not sure of where you’re headed and who you are.

More often than not, we miss the lucky shot, ending up with a broken heart, wounded from the struggles and battles of the bantering of our hearts and our minds, rationality and emotion. We just sit and wait, bandaging our hearts with time, veiling the memories with nothing but cloth which is made of the very thread and fiber that we call avoidance.

Yes, avoidance,

Welcome to the real world, kid. Getting your game on at last? Nobody knows where you’re going and you couldn’t care to make a sound.

You avoid, hide and sprint as fast as you can, away from all those dark images in your head, telling you that this time won’t be any different, it’ll be the same, history repeating itself, your past, a long lost foe. You’d be lugging yourself into a battle you’ve already lost. But alas, you find yourself, locking horns with your conscience, hope in hand – optimism.

This once, maybe you get your lucky shot, maybe you don’t. Perhaps if you do, you wouldn’t care as much. For a brief moment in time that you’d call a lifetime, you’d be a dove, you’d be a peacock in the rain, you’ll be liberated and life would be nothing but a film shot through rose tinted lenses, that too, with a happy end.


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