Up Your Eyeliner Game! | 5 Ways How

Hey, guys! 

I’m back with a beauty post!

So, one product that I use on a daily basis and love using if I may say is eyeliner. gel eyeliner, ink, pencil and what not, it always makes the look a little more put together and enhanced. Till a few months back I put up my eyeliner in a simple ‘outlining my upper lash line’ way. It wasn’t always equal, not always thin or thick, it varied and that’s when I got tired and explored more options. It’s amazing how one product can give our eyes so many different looks and since then, I’ve been experimenting and trying out newer styles that I learn when I go out for parties or events in general. Here are a few of my favorites – 

(Image Source – Tumblr)


1. Cat Eye 


While a cat eye might scare the heck out of us and leave dark smudges on our face and confidence, it’s undoubtedly my favorite look with an eyeliner. I’ve tried a range of different eye liners in search of the one that would give me the best cat eye and my favorites have to be The Curve by NYX and the gel eyeliner pots from Mac, Bobbi Brown and Maybelline. A tip for better cat eyes – use angled Q tips to neaten out the curve and to make the two as similar as possible.

2. Wake Up White 


It’s bold and tricky to use. There is a thin line between classy, fresh and downright tacky with this one and I’ve had to go through a number of tutorials and articles to find out looks that suit me most. My favorite white eye liner has to be the one from Mac but if you are looking for a drug store product then the Lakme Eyeconic range is pretty decent too.

Tip – White eye liner applied to the water line and then smudged awakens the eyes and makes it look bigger. You can also apply white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes and smudge to conceal and highlight.

3. Double Trouble 


What must I say? Given the right combination of colors and correct thickness and application, this can jazz any look up and give your eye makeup a dramatic edge!

Some colored eyeliners I like –

Tarnish, Costa Riche & Blooz by Mac

Shades from the Lakme Eyeconic Range

Stila Metallic Liner Pots 

The Kat Von D Lightning Liner (II need this in my life – highly recommended)

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Smolder Eyes Liner (Again, need this in my life)

4. Colored Liner   


Colored eye liner looks great with minimalist makeup looks and can add that tinge of color and fun to the look and outfit. I prefer brighter colors when buying these as they bring out the eyes, putting the focus of the look to the same.

You can look at different shades in all of the ones mentioned above!

5. Smudged 

smokeWe all love a smokey eye. Enough said. It’s tough to perfect without looking like a raccoon or someone with a horrible case of black eye but it’s too hot to pass. Some products that might help you with yours –

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kohl Liner  & the Tarte Amazonian Clay Smolder Eyes range.


That’s it for today. I hope this gave you some eye-spiration for the festive season and make you feel a tad more motivated to experiment with your eye looks! 

Until next time, 



7 thoughts on “Up Your Eyeliner Game! | 5 Ways How

  1. Have FUN whatever you do! You are only young once …. CELEBRATE it! I used to LOVE making up my face and being the artist I am, had a lot of FUN being different. Your face is your pallet that shows your essence. Paint away! LOL Love, Amy

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