Hey, guys! 

Since I was in grade seven, I have been a regular reader of the daily newspaper and over the years, I have noticed how the focus of these has turned to certain events which all bring out a larger reality, a sadder reality, of where the world stands today. Religion, belief and values, sometimes cause these divisions in our society for which the price is aid by a larger number of people every time. Keeping the recent events of Sydney and Peshawar in mind, two events which affected me deeply, I finally penned my thoughts down regarding the current situation of our society and what it might end up becoming in the future. I am saddened by the news of the aforementioned attacks and of the several others that have occurred or will ever occur. The misery and utter sadness of these, for me, is unimaginable and so I pray for the best for these souls. May they find peace, wherever they are. 

Image Source - Tumblr
Image Source – Tumblr

Blood, bullets & blades,
Screams, shouts, these tales,
Are these the stories that I’d narrate,
to kids my age in the coming days,
Those days, long gone, of simpler times,
No tricks, no games, no filthy lies,
But now our world is a darker shade,
Of red from blood and black from hate,
I’m scared, afraid, of what’ll be,
Of this world descending into misery,
Consumed by hate for its own kind,
Where is the love, have we gone blind?
Emotions ignored, kindness too,
I see our world eroding,
Do you?



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