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The Ink Insight | My New Project

Hello, people!


So, I’ve been working on my latest website, The Ink Insight, for the past six months with a team of lovely girls who’ve helped me every step of the way. I’d like to thank Alexandra Strimbu, Khassidy Nguyen, Cheryl Wang and Courtney Blackwell for helping me get TII up and started for all that we will be putting up on the website in the coming year.

I started off The Ink Insight with the idea of creating a platform which is open to everyone and anyone with the passion for writing, poetry, photography and blogging. I am grateful for the lovely response I have gotten from everyone with the launch of the website.

Today, we will be putting up the very first post and it would be lovely if you all could go and take a look at it, supporting it and giving it love the way you did to The Confetti Girl. Shout outs to each and every one of you for I have made 402 new friends in the course of a year of blogging; something that is way more than expected.

I appreciate your support and love which has made me feel welcome in the blogging world and it would be great if you could encourage us and support us with The Ink Insight the same way!

Also, if you’d like to contribute to the website, you can click here as we are open to contributions all year round. 

You can visit the website here 

Spread the love, spread the passion and spread the talent!


Have something to share? Please leave some feedback in the comments below!

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