Daily Babble

My Year Long Hiatus + Moving Forward


It’s been ages! How’re you doing?

I’ve been off WordPress for a little more than a year now and I cannot deny how strange it feels writing on here again. My year long hiatus was intentional (oops) and well planned out. I had just graduated school and wanted to take this year off to think more, imagine more and well, be more present. Let’s just say, it all worked out really well and I’ve come back to my blog baby feeling better than ever!

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In the last year my life has gone from being one thing to being something completely new. As thrilling as this year of big and small changes was, it was overwhelming, frustrating and very tough to get through. My life this year has been a clash of contrasts – from being completely routine and mundane in the everyday exterior to being a complete whirlwind of events, changes and emotions on the interior, there is a LOT I’ve learnt about myself and the people around me.

Now I don’t know if I’m back for good, I might not post for a really long time after this but that’s life and I can’t give any guarantees. However, when I do make a comeback expect more regular posting, catching up and a possible design update! This blog has been with me through middle, high school and now college and I want to it to grow and improve as I do. I’ve always loved my readers for all the support they’ve given me from the very start of my blogging journey and I hope that you guys will continue with the crazy love and encouragement (it’s what keeps me going x).

Until next time, 




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