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A Confetti Comeback!

Phew, who knew my hiatus was going to become a rather disappointing absence altogether! It’s been more than a year!

Hello, lovely people of the internet! How are you? ♡

The last couple of years have been quite the ride, I must say. They’ve been choke full of personal growth, travel, new experiences, and yes, a LOT of introspection. They’ve been some of the toughest years yet (and I’m sure you’ll relate if you too had a rough time transitioning from a clueless 19 year old to a 21 year old who thinks about everything, all the time, all too much)!

I guess my absence off of The Confetti Girl came from my inability to organise all that I felt and thought into words that would make sense to others. I was (and still am, to some extent) very confused, very lost, and very, very preoccupied with questions. The last two years or so have been full of questions I’ve been trying to answer by getting to know myself better, the world better, and life better. In all this time, I’ve read a LOT, traveled expansively, and moved by myself to a different continent altogether! 

So, you’d probably wonder why I’m back now, and if this comeback’s going to stick. 

Well, my university life has taught me (often brutally) how unpredictable life is. I can’t say if I’ll post on a schedule and I can’t say if I’ll write on here forever. But I’m inspired. I’m inspired to write for myself again.

There is so much life, world, hardship and happiness that I’ve seen the past couple years and I really want to document it all here. For myself, and hopefully for you, to enjoy. 

So, yes, I’m writing again. 

There’s places, people, and products that I’m so excited to express my love for. There’s some life lessons I can’t wait to reflect back on. There’s some hilariously embarrassing newly adult moments to share (and I hope all the new adults reading can avoid the same stumbles I’ve made in the last month alone, haha)!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “A Confetti Comeback!

      1. And hey, why are you a lil low these days? I hope you’re taking proper care of yourself and smiling! Smiling is important, beautiful. For you, it is mandatory. Otherwise, i might tickle you, in your dreams.

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