Palette Review – Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

Hello, beautiful people! How’re you doing? ♡

Today, I’m going to review Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette. You can probably guess the extent to which I’ve dug into this palette from the very used state of my palette, haha. I sure do love this palette. 

Now, the shade range is fairly balanced, I’d say the upper half is more warm tones while the lower tends to the cooler side. You have a good offering of matte, strong, and light glitter shades. Safe to say, I’ve used all the colours in the palette and you can get multiple, beautiful looks from this setup.  

Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

(Yes, all my palettes have been dug in a fairly messy manner, I apologise)

I would say that the New-Trals palette is a pretty decent dupe for the Modern Renaissance palette if you’re looking for something at budget price. I started out with the New-Trals palette because I was still learning basic eyeshadow and didn’t want to buy an expensive palette only to spoil it altogether. The New-Trals palette is perfect for beginners or for people looking to spend less but get a similar shade range and setup. 

My experience with the New-Trals palette has been great and I still use it for a lot of my looks. The shades are creamy, very pigmented and give me minimal fallout. I do think that certain shades could have been much stronger pigment-wise (such as Personal, Vogue & Suit), but the degree to which I love the rest puts that complaint on the back seat. 

I particularly enjoy using both Neutral and Adapt as all-over-the lid shades. While Neutral is warmer, Adapt works very well with cooler tones. I love using Trend (transition shade), Tone (deeper crease and outer v) and Custom (darker v) together. Mode is one of my favourite glitter shades from this palette, its a beautiful copper gold that works very well with some Fix Plus spray or a damp, flat packer brush. Bias is a beautiful, light gold eyebrow and inner corner highlight. Here’s a look I did for a salsa night with friends using the shades I’ve mentioned above (excuse the absence of better photos, I’m still learning) –  

You can really see the glitter shade, Mode, shining bright and giving my eye the perfect copper shade!

Below, is a cooler toned look I did using Adapt all over the lid, Suit in my crease and outer v, and Style in the inner half for some bling. I’ve used matte white, Cool for the inner eye and eyebrow because I wanted to keep the look a little relaxed and avoid too much glitter.  

I hope you guys found this review helpful. If you’re learning eyeshadow or simply want good makeup at a decent price, I would highly recommend this Makeup Revolution palette. 

(And I know that close-ups would’ve been better but I’m still figuring out lighting and focus when taking those, I’ll get better with time!)

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