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Catching Up – Life in Sydney

Hello, how are we doing today? 

I’ve been putting a fair amount of beauty content and so I thought I’d switch it up and share some life updates!

So, last summer, I moved to Sydney, Australia. I lived there, with my best friend, for six months. I travelled, explored a completely new culture, read a lot of Australian literature, ate some amazing food, went on wine tours, and met some lovely people.

From the moment I landed in Sydney, I knew I loved it there. And even though there were highs and lows throughout my stay, life in Sydney taught me a great deal about myself and about the world. 

My Aussie experience is a big story with little stories that I can’t condense in one posting. So, I’ll share it with you little by little over time. But from the many things that I took away from my time Down Under, the most treasured is the miraculous relationship I share with my best friend and the way in which it proved to be my silver lining on the worst of days. I am so grateful for the all the adventures we filled into our time together. Someone recently told us how we’d successfully managed our friendship through the seven year itch, and now that we go into our eighth, I go in with nothing but gratitude, love, and so many memories.

I hope you are excited to come along on this journey. I’ve always seen this blog as a way of escape, of writing and documenting my life, interests, and experiences. My readership has been nothing but kind in their feedback and support through the years. I can’t believe that I graduate university in 2019 and I still find myself returning to The Confetti Girl; it’s a little piece of my heart on the internet.

So, thank you for your love and kindness, more life updates, lessons (!), and experiences coming very, very soon!

Until next time,



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