Palette Review – Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

Hello, beautiful people! How’re you doing? ♡ Today, I’m going to review Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette. You can probably guess the extent to which I’ve dug into this palette from the very used state of my palette, haha. I sure do love this palette.  Now, the shade range is fairly balanced, I’d say… Continue reading Palette Review – Makeup Revolution’s New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette


My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Hello, beautiful people! Today, I’m sharing products that I use to do my everyday makeup look. Some of these are my absolute staples (cue the Tea Tree BB cream from The Body Shop which I also talk about here), while others are new discoveries that I’ve come to love!  Here’s all the products I use… Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Essentials


Big, Bad Beauty Haul!

Hello!  Today I share with you some beauty products I bought over the last few weeks. I wanted to use all of these for a while so that I could review them for you and let you know what I thought about these products and how they worked for me!  I hope this gives you… Continue reading Big, Bad Beauty Haul!


Kylie Lip Kit Dupes To Save Your Life

Hey, guys!  If you’re obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lip kit and have been trying to get your hands on it (in vain), don’t worry, I’ve got dupes! I did some snooping on the internet and went through my own collection to match some of those coveted shades to others that might be easier to get… Continue reading Kylie Lip Kit Dupes To Save Your Life

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Oscars 2016 | Personal Picks

Hi, people!  So, the Oscars just happened and all of social media found itself flooded with best dressed, worst dressed and Leonardo DiCaprio!  There were a ton of beautiful dresses seen on the red carpet and I wish I could mention all of those but I had a few clear favorites and they deserved gushing… Continue reading Oscars 2016 | Personal Picks


Up Your Eyeliner Game! | 5 Ways How

Hey, guys!  I’m back with a beauty post! So, one product that I use on a daily basis and love using if I may say is eyeliner. gel eyeliner, ink, pencil and what not, it always makes the look a little more put together and enhanced. Till a few months back I put up my… Continue reading Up Your Eyeliner Game! | 5 Ways How


I Just Couldn’t Let These Pass!

Hey, guys!  So, with my increasing interest in beauty as a creative outlet, I’ve been experimenting. Though I do not use make-up, I love watching videos, reading about products and occasionally trying my hand at it on special days. In the past few months, I’ve come across a few products that are different and so… Continue reading I Just Couldn’t Let These Pass!