Here are some very frequently asked questions, all answered. Hope these make it easier to understand my blog and how to get around it!

1. Why do you call your blog, “The Confetti Girl”? 

Okay, let me start by saying that it’s nothing too deep, it’s actually very basic. After pondering upon various names and websites, I still couldn’t come up with a title that would really justify my theme, so, then I came up with “The Confetti Girl” which basically sums up how my blog is a mix of various topics I’m interested in and post about!

2. Why so much pink?

Hahaha, it’s been my favorite color since forever and it brings out a part of me on the blog.

3. How do I subscribe?

There is a button to the right of the page! A subscription from a reader is extra love so thank you very much in advance haha x 

4. How can I contribute to your blog?

You are always welcome to contribute to my blog. I love having new voices here :) Click here to submit.

5. Do you offer direct purchases from your shop?

No, not yet. I just have suggestions of things I love with their links but I am definitely open to doing direct purchases in the near future. Let’s see!

6. What products do you use for your everyday make-up look?

I don’t have much of a make-up focused everyday look. I use the Mac eyeliner pencil in Ebony to line my water line and the NYX My Curve eyeliner pen to line my eyelid. I then apply my Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip plumper in Yummy Plum. That is basically my everyday make-up look.

7. What is your everyday perfume?

At the moment, I use J’Adore by Dior but I also occasionally put on Creed’s Silver Mountain Water which is my mum’s but I absolutely love it so I use it when I’m feeling extra fancy, you know ;) Hahah!


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