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My Year Long Hiatus + Moving Forward

Helloooooo!  It’s been ages! How’re you doing? I’ve been off WordPress for a little more than a year now and I cannot deny how strange it feels writing on here again. My year long hiatus was intentional (oops) and well planned out. I had just graduated school and wanted to take this year off to… Continue reading My Year Long Hiatus + Moving Forward


Big, Bad Beauty Haul!

Hello!  Today I share with you some beauty products I bought over the last few weeks. I wanted to use all of these for a while so that I could review them for you and let you know what I thought about these products and how they worked for me!  I hope this gives you… Continue reading Big, Bad Beauty Haul!


Kylie Lip Kit Dupes To Save Your Life

Hey, guys!  If you’re obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lip kit and have been trying to get your hands on it (in vain), don’t worry, I’ve got dupes! I did some snooping on the internet and went through my own collection to match some of those coveted shades to others that might be easier to get… Continue reading Kylie Lip Kit Dupes To Save Your Life

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Oscars 2016 | Personal Picks

Hi, people!  So, the Oscars just happened and all of social media found itself flooded with best dressed, worst dressed and Leonardo DiCaprio!  There were a ton of beautiful dresses seen on the red carpet and I wish I could mention all of those but I had a few clear favorites and they deserved gushing… Continue reading Oscars 2016 | Personal Picks


S C A R S | Poetry

 Hello!  Its been a while but now I’ll be regular. You’ll be seeing tons of poetry on my blog since that’s what I’ve been writing a lot of lately! This particular one is on domestic violence & it was very liked (it won me a national level award shhh) Hope you guys like it too! … Continue reading S C A R S | Poetry

Daily Babble

Letting Go – How No Control Is The Best Control

I’m a control freak and having no control drives me up the wall. I accept it, I recognize it. Up until now, I have been someone who’s either had control of life or safe guarded it if it seemed to be threatened in any way whatsoever. My control loving nature is the reason I’m scared… Continue reading Letting Go – How No Control Is The Best Control