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Lessons IRL – Stoic Numbness

It’s been a while since I poured my heart out thanks to all the commitments that keep me on my toes at all times. From school to my internships to my friends to my family; I barely find time for myself. I’ve lost so much of my zeal that now all I want is for… Continue reading Lessons IRL – Stoic Numbness

Daily Babble

Letting Go – How No Control Is The Best Control

I’m a control freak and having no control drives me up the wall. I accept it, I recognize it. Up until now, I have been someone who’s either had control of life or safe guarded it if it seemed to be threatened in any way whatsoever. My control loving nature is the reason I’m scared… Continue reading Letting Go – How No Control Is The Best Control

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The Ink Insight | My New Project

Hello, people! So, I’ve been working on my latest website, The Ink Insight, for the past six months with a team of lovely girls who’ve helped me every step of the way. I’d like to thank Alexandra Strimbu, Khassidy Nguyen, Cheryl Wang and Courtney Blackwell for helping me get TII up and started for all… Continue reading The Ink Insight | My New Project

Daily Babble

To Know or To Not Know?

Uncertainty. This one word sends cringe waves up my spine given the control freak nature of mine. I absolutely hate not knowing what’s going to happen or not being able to anticipate something that might happen in the future. There are many a worlds I’ve immersed myself into in the hopes of finding a speck… Continue reading To Know or To Not Know?

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It’s All About That Money

Hi. Let’s do this. I’m sitting alone in a dark room right now with a face smeared with charcoal stains of unhappiness, anger and disappointment. Yes, we all have problems but let’s just recognize the fact that some problems are those that a lot of us face collectively without even knowing. College – I’ve dreamt… Continue reading It’s All About That Money

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Can’t Walk These Streets

Hi, guys!  It’s been so long but now I’m back and I’m not going to disappear. Promise. So, this is a piece I wrote for a website, On The Line, a while back. I hope you enjoy reading it & stay tunes for next week, I’ll be posting DIY! Happy reading! x _____________________________________________________________________________ Imagine walking… Continue reading Can’t Walk These Streets

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Rewind 2014!

Hello, guys! A Happy New Year to you all, in advance, my dearest readers! This is not one of those cliche posts where I reflect through events that have changed me in the past year but this post is more about thanking you guys and just being grateful for everything! So, a big thank you… Continue reading Rewind 2014!